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"Madam President, let me first congratulate the Slovenian Presidency and the other 13 countries that have endorsed this proposal brought before us today. It is a significant contribution to the issue of justice in the EU. Let me also congratulate the three rapporteurs, Mrs Kaufmann, Mrs Weber and Mr França, on their fine, methodical work. They have basically approved the proposal with the amendments, which the Council and the Commission are on the verge of adopting. I was glad to hear this and welcome it. I should be even happier if today we also had the proposal to adopt the minimum procedural rights for suspects and defendants before us for approval. Efforts would then be complete. I therefore appeal to the Commission and the Council to put forward this proposal as quickly as possible. As shadow rapporteur for the proposal on Eurojust, I must say that I am pleased with the strengthening of this body. When it was founded, it seemed to be merely a typical institution with precious few prospects and of minimal use. The facts have proved this to be wrong; its usefulness has been proved, as has its need to be strengthened further. I need not refer to what previous speakers and rapporteurs have said about the additions to this body; I merely welcome its reinforcement. These proposals undoubtedly make for useful progress towards the development of justice, freedom and security. More radical steps need to be taken, however. We must overcome an obstructively nationalist approach to issues and implement broader justice in the European area. Then we shall be able to say that justice really is the same throughout the EU. I hope that this will come about with the approval of the Lisbon Treaty."@en1

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