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". Madam President, Minister, Commissioner, I am delighted that we today have the opportunity to debate such an important package together, and I fully anticipate that tomorrow we will be adopting decisions on the basis of a very large majority. I should particularly like to thank the two rapporteurs whom I shadowed, Mrs Kaufmann and Mrs Weber, for their very good cooperation, as this was a prerequisite for being able to produce such good work. Good work is essential in this area and I am also very pleased that, when it comes to the European Judicial Network (EJN), the outcome achieved enables us to take forward the work that has already been done. Good cooperation among jurists, magistrates and the relevant authorities in the Member States is essential if we are genuinely to create law and justice for our citizens, and that, after all, is what we want to do. I am particularly gratified, in this context, that we are finally establishing the cooperation between the EJN and Eurojust on a formal basis and ensuring links which can only be productive and which we can only welcome. However, whenever increasing volumes of data are exchanged, data protection naturally becomes increasingly important, and this applies to security of telecommunications and the exchange of these data as well. I am therefore very pleased that Parliament, the Commission and the Council apparently agree on this, and again, this is something I can only welcome. I am equally glad to say that we will get a large majority on all the reports tomorrow, for this expansion that we have proposed – and which I hope will secure the endorsement of the Commission and the Council – this addition by the European Parliament which we have Mrs Weber to thank for, namely that the sexual exploitation of children or child pornography is now also to be included as an offence, which was not the case before, this is, in my view, a very important issue for our society, and one which I would underscore. A particularly important issue for the Socialist Group in this context – but also one where I believe a solution has been found – is ensuring that, in this area, it is not just about organised crime but also serious crime. I think it is important that we do not have to produce evidence, first of all, that organised crime is taking place, but that, through the exchange of information, we can demonstrate that organised crime may be happening somewhere along the line. It cannot be a basic prerequisite. I think there has been something of a misunderstanding here between the groups and I wanted to try and clear that up. I hope, and I am confident, that we can move ahead in a positive way, and I greatly welcome that."@en1

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