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"Madam President, I welcome these reports, especially the one on because it will make it easier and simpler for those who have to defend or take legal action where one or the other party is not able to be present. Differences in approach across the Union have created a degree of uncertainty and have undermined confidence in each other’s judicial systems. I therefore welcome the statement made by the Minister that the Council will try and ensure that this process is harmonised across all Member States, because to date some Member States have not made every effort to contact the defendants. I believe that the onus has to be on the judicial system, wherever it is, to ensure that the defendants understand the implications of any judgments made in their absence, and that their fundamental rights are protected in this respect. I would also call upon the Council to ensure that all Member States have a system where defendants are able to have legal representation regardless of the country they may reside in. Finally, my congratulations to all the rapporteurs in their work to simplify a complex set of legal processes and proposals that I believe will give substance to the European arrest warrant."@en1

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