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". − As you have just said, Mrs Dati, we are at a critical point in the formation of this European judicial area which we want with all our hearts and to which the European Parliament is making a vital contribution. I want to thank the rapporteurs, Mrs Kaufmann, Mrs Weber and Mr França, for their excellent reports on the three initiatives. These documents show that the European Parliament supports the proposals made by the Member States. I am also delighted, Mrs Dati, that the Council meeting on 25 July proved to be so fruitful, with a political agreement on the three texts. The Commission supports these three initiatives and we have endeavoured to contribute constructively to the Council’s work. As regards Eurojust and the European Judicial Network, the Member States, taking inspiration from our communication of October 2007 on the subject, have clearly shown their desire for convergence. Many proposals have been included in these two Member-State initiatives: harmonising the powers of the national members of Eurojust, reinforcing the role of the College in the event of conflicts of jurisdiction, improving the circulation of information from national members to Eurojust, and the possibility of appointing Eurojust liaison magistrates to third countries. Many of the amendments proposed in the extremely useful reports of Mrs Kaufmann and Mrs Weber have already been taken on board during the Council discussions. Accordingly, Amendment 32 to the Eurojust decision, appearing in Mrs Weber’s report, aims to improve the level of data protection in third countries cooperating with Eurojust. This cooperation will be evaluated not only when the agreement is concluded, but also after its entry into force. The Commission suggested taking up this idea and the draft decision was amended accordingly. It states that the cooperation agreement must include provisions on the monitoring of its application, including the application of data protection provisions. I will cite another example: Amendment 38 to the ‘European Judicial Network’ decision, as set out in Mrs Kaufmann’s report. As highlighted by Mrs Dati, this amendment aims to ensure that a report is made to the European Parliament every two years on the activities of the European Judicial Network. This amendment was supported by the Commission and is included in the text of the draft decision. As you know, the Council has reached political agreement on the Eurojust and Network initiatives. I hope that the Council will soon formally adopt these instruments and, just as important, that the Member States will take the necessary steps to fully implement the decisions in their national legal systems. As regards the França report on the enforcement of decisions rendered I note that most of the amendments, at least in their spirit, if not also in their wording, are already included in the text adopted by the JHA Council on 5 and 6 June. These are just a few of my observations, Madam President. I will obviously pay close attention to all Parliament’s suggestions. However, I am very happy that we are starting this part-session with work that is extremely positive for the future of the European judicial area."@en1

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