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"President, colleagues, at the beginning of July Filip Dimitrov, our first democratically elected prime minister of Bulgaria, retired from politics. Filip Dimitrov was among the founders of democratic opposition in Bulgaria, he took over the governance of the state from the disintegrated communist regime in the beginning of the 1990s, was a representative in the European parliament and, finally, Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian National Assembly. In all the eighteen years when Mr. Dimitrov was in politics, to all of us who knew him, he served as an example of honesty, openness and a man who to the very depths of his soul believes in the European, Euro-Atlantic choice of our country, in the freedom of speech, in democracy and human rights. I am convinced that in spite of his retirement from politics, with his advice and with his experience he will continue to help all of us return to our state the image it deserves to have because of the efforts of people like Filip Dimitrov."@en1

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