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"Ladies and gentlemen, Transnistria has recognised the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. As far as the separatist Transnistria area of Moldova is concerned, this overheating has much to do with a frozen conflict. South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Transnistria are in a similar position – for years Russia has been refusing to withdraw its forces from there. The President of Moldova has said that Transnistria resembles a volcano which, like the events in Georgia, could begin erupting at any time. Russia has told President Voronin that it is interested in an agreement under which Transnistria would be treated as an autonomous region of Moldova. As such, if necessary, Transnistria could legitimately separate from Moldova following a referendum. It is vital to bring the 5+2 partners to the negotiating table: we cannot allow Medvedev and Voronin to resolve the conflict between them. As head of the Moldova delegation I strenuously urge preventive action on Transnistria. Transnistria should have an international peace-keeping force; we should offer Moldova a plan for closer partnership and allow Moldovans to enter the European Union without visas."@en1

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