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"Mr President, I should like to take this time to point out the effect that the implementation of the Energy-using Products Directive will have on a company in my constituency that has expertise in this heating field. They inform me that the current proposal for implementation in relation to boilers will have a severe and unnecessary impact on Ireland’s central heating industry, which employs many people in my constituency. Current proposals for boilers will require manufacturers to apply an energy-rating label to the boiler, as well as heating controls, pumps and some renewables. These labelling proposals overlook the key role of the professional installer. Installers are a vital part of the heating supply chain, and the Commission’s approach will mean their expertise will be largely ignored or wasted. The Commission’s proposals will fundamentally change the entire Irish domestic heating market, with wider implications in terms of restricted choice, misleading information for consumers, higher costs and a less flexible and competitive market, as well as loss of employment. Ahead of the Commission’s Consultation Forum, I should like the Commission to listen to the experts when considering the effects of this directive on Ireland."@en1

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