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"Mr President, Russia is one of our main political and economic partners. In recent days, however, Russia has made intimidating statements against the Union, threatening it with the Russian economic and military might. Countries involved in the European Neighbourhood Policy have received similar threats. Ladies and gentlemen, in the context of a partnership, is it normal practice for one of the partners to resort to such action? I have in mind, in particular, our shared interests, namely the construction of oil and gas pipelines. The European Community is home to 500 million citizens and is the largest economy in the world. The fact that a country with significantly less potential can ride roughshod over the Union indicates that we are being treated as a weak partner incapable of taking serious political decisions. It is just as well that the Lisbon Treaty is not in force because if it were, even individual Member States of the Union would be denied the opportunity to give an honourable response."@en1

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