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"Mr President, the problems of environmental protection and increased energy needs in connection with climate change are a challenge requiring a conscientious approach by all politicians. They transcend state borders and national interests. The construction of marine gas terminals in enclosed seas, such as the Adriatic, is even more sensitive. Terrestrial and marine gas terminals have been planned for the bay of Trieste with an intended location only five miles from the Slovenian coast, right opposite the largest tourist region of Piran. If the Italian Government dared, it could locate it in the Venetian Laguna as well, but this would not succeed because the whole of the civilised world would object to it. Citizens have the right to object to such a construction, and politicians must respect their wishes and make up for the democratic deficit in the European Union. We have neglected the environment too often to allow ourselves to do such a thing again. The Italian Government should be given a clear message about it from the European Parliament."@en1

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