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"Mr President, under the emergency rule instigated in 2007, one can be imprisoned indefinitely without a court warrant on the grounds of reasonable suspicion of involvement in corruption-related activities. With the recent arrest of Motiur Rahman Nizami, the three main political party leaders of Bangladesh have now been apprehended on illusive charges of corruption. Since March 2008 at least 12 000 persons have been arrested and denied the right to seek release on bail. The number involves hundreds of political party members, but business people and journalists have also fallen prey to this anti-corruption witch hunt. With elections pending for December of this year, the key political leaders are unable to participate in dialogue, inhibiting the democratic process. Though the caretaker government denies allegations that these arrests are politically motivated, the strategic timing of these events is too coincidental to ignore. The detainees should be charged lawfully on the basis of substantiated evidence or released immediately. Otherwise the outcome of the coming elections will be fraudulent and far from democratic."@en1

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