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"Mr President, the situation in Bangladesh has always been very serious, but especially so in the last 18 months – since the time when a state of emergency was introduced there. One effect of this has been, for example, to increase the number of death sentences, and more than 300 000 people have been arrested, a number of them having been tortured. The problem is that these repressions are showing no signs of weakening. Six weeks ago more than 12 000 people were arrested. All this is taking place against a dramatic economic background. Rice and basic foodstuff prices have risen by a third. There will probably also be a vast wave of emigration, which will reach 25 million in the next 40 years. This exodus will be caused by the floods that are highly likely as a result of rising water levels in the Bay of Bengal. This all points to one conclusion: Bangladesh is a country in which we must take an interest; we must give it support. We must also support economic and democratic change in that country – the poorest country in the world."@en1

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