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"Mr President, in terms of population numbers, Bangladesh is the seventh largest country in the world, with a population in excess of 150 million. This is a country that achieved independence in 1971, but has suffered for 20 years under autocratic governments, which have very often been of a military nature. In 1991, however, something else began there. Democracy sprang up, and there was a 5% rise. The well-known company Goldman Sachs stated that Bangladesh was a country with a very promising future, as far as swift economic growth was concerned. Today we are looking at a massive regression, and there is a political crisis. The army has appeared in the streets. Moreover, the army would like to change the Constitution in order to introduce, as it puts it, its own form of democracy. We have heard this one before. We have had the opportunity to observe close up what this special form of democracy is all about. If this new form is to involve bringing the army into politics, my view is that it is a very bad direction to take."@en1

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