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"Mr President, having chaired the Delegation for relations with the countries of South Asia and having visited Bangladesh, I would say that this is a fragile state which has faced more than its fair share of political, environmental, economic and social setbacks. However, when I was there I was impressed by the vibrant and free media and the determination of the people to overcome their difficulties. I believe the focus of our relations with Bangladesh should be to support the democratic movements in the country and the establishment of rule of law, as well as helping to build democratic institutions. Whilst the EU has an important role in assisting Bangladesh to achieve these goals, this should be translated into constructive action towards assisting the country, not into trying to micromanage their problems. I really welcome the announcement of elections scheduled for the third week of December this year and I call on the caretaker government to ensure that these elections will be free and fair, and to allow the Election Commission to continue with its road map. I would like to address the points Mr Mann raised against me because I think it is not proper to take on points from the previous debate. I would say that, if we take our urgencies really seriously, Mr Mann should make sure that those people are here. The onus is on all of us to make sure that our colleagues are here because we have minority groups influencing how the European Parliament is viewed across the world. It is important when we have these debates that we keep that in mind: it is important to have urgencies, but get all your people here."@en1

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