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"Mr President, the resolution speaks of facts that are an outcome of the conflict over Kashmir between Pakistan and India that has been going on for the past 50 years. This conflict has been the cause of several wars. Only China has benefited from it. There has been indirect involvement by Russia and the United States in the conflict, and funds have come from Arab countries and China. The UN has played a positive role in ameliorating the conflict. This conflict is still going on, and attacks by fundamentalists continue to bring a bloody harvest. This is the most serious problem faced by the inhabitants of Kashmir. Victims on the Indian side are buried, while on the Pakistani side in many cases they become objects of revenge. The key role in resolving the conflict and evaluating the facts should be played by the UN, not by us. We feel morally obliged, in so far as the democratic government of India does not take this on, to provide assistance and stabilisation in the prevailing situation in Kashmir, and in a moral evaluation of the actions taken in the conflict. I view the holding of a discussion on this subject more as a political manifestation than a pragmatic action. I do not support the resolution."@en1

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