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". ( Mr President, I regard your interpretation of the Rules of Procedure as politically correct but legally incorrect and would definitely like the matter to be examined by the Presidents and the Parliamentary Legal Office; this is because the application of the rule in question does not allow for the interpretation you have made today and requires more detailed study. As for the matter in hand, India has been called the world’s largest democratic State. It is indeed large in terms of population but the idea of whether a country is democratic also depends on its human rights situation. Measures alleged to have been taken by the government’s security services against human rights activists in Jammu and Kashmir indicate that not all principles of the rule of law are respected in India, despite the fact that the country’s government has clearly declared that it does not allow violations of human rights. We regard the action of the Indian government as lacking in credibility and ask where thousands of people have disappeared to and whose are the bodies found in the mass graves. We condemn forced disappearances, torture, rape and other violations of human rights. The fact that we suspect the Indian government of having a part in all this is an especially serious matter. Therefore we in the European Parliament demand that an independent investigation be carried out by the Indian government to identify the origin of the mass graves and the identities of the murderers and their victims. The matter is not insignificant given the nature of the Kashmir region. There is a risk that the neighbouring state, Pakistan, would be party to any new conflict and in that case the events in question may act as a spark to nationalist kindling in this explosive area. We must support the joint resolution on a thorough investigation into the events which occurred in Jammu and Kashmir."@en1
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