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"Nobody is able to explain the reasons for the outcome of the referendum in Ireland. A norm becomes a law based on universal approval of the people. Its sense should correspond to the conviction about the unity of all. Your fellow countryman, a thinker resting in the Pantheon, Rousseau, wrote that ‘any law that the people have not ratified in person is void, it is not a law at all’. That is why the people should control the governments which pose a danger of usurpation of their rights. But how are the people supposed to take control by means of an instrument they do not understand, the structure of which is as complicated and unclear as the recent treaty? I have no doubt that you wish to appear – to paraphrase Dominique de Villepin – in this ‘temple’ of the European Parliament – as a ‘guardian of an ideal and a guardian of a conscience’. I count, however, that you will be more interested in conveying the information about the platforms of shared realisation of European interests to the public opinions, which, in turn, may allow the media to restrain from your private life in order to focus on your political one."@en1

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