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". In the next six months, the French presidency shall have a great responsibility for the future of the European Union. The Union needs the Lisbon Treaty. The existent institutional framework, with the requirement of unanimity for certain decisions, is a heavy one. Moreover, the Lisbon Treaty increases the degree of democratization, increasing the power of national parliaments and introducing the codecision procedure for most of the fields. The French presidency should also support the common agricultural policy enabling European farmers to produce more. Together with all Member States, the French presidency should find solutions to the Union’s impasse following the Irish referendum. The French presidency announced its priorities for the next period: climate change, immigration, the common agricultural policy, the Union’s defence and security. Next autumn, in Copenhagen, the Union shall participate in the conclusion of an international post-Kyoto agreement. The Union should give an example of action in the fight against climate change and, for this reason, the adoption of the energy and climate change package should be one of the main objectives for the French presidency."@en1

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