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"Mr President-in-Office of the Council, at the last European Summit in Brussels the creation of the Mediterranean Union was discussed – a significant initiative for the whole Mediterranean region and a priority of the French Presidency. But I truly hope that, when emphasising the Mediterranean Union during this Presidency, the Baltic Sea Region and the Baltic Sea Strategy will not be neglected. The Baltic Sea has become basically a European Union lake, with eight Member States surrounding it since 2004. The Baltic Sea Strategy covers the areas of environment, economics, culture and education and security, providing a sustainable plan for the development of this region. It would give me great pleasure if the French Presidency took time to attend to the issues concerning the Baltic Sea, and the prioritisation of the Mediterranean did not mean grabbing the blanket from the Baltic Sea region. Bearing in mind the near future Presidency of Sweden, it would be reasonable to start addressing the Baltic Sea Strategy to ensure greater coherence between Presidencies."@en1

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