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". Mr. President, you have presented an extremely ambitious programme, which I hope will be successfully completed. The pact on immigration is a necessary priority in order to diminish illegal immigration and build a common policy on legal immigration. Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize an aspect you should take into consideration before starting the planned actions: the pact should comprise a series of actions taking into account the restrictions on the European labour market, imposed on workers from certain new Member States. It is not normal for the economic migration from third countries to outmatch the free movement between countries inside the Union. There are Member States that have transitory provisions in force, regulating access to the labour market for EU workers. Once the legal immigration policy is enforced, there is a risk of disadvantaging European citizens as compared to third country citizens. In this respect, I would like to congratulate France, which has taken the first step in this direction on 1 July, when it opened its labour market for the citizens of the countries acceding in 2004. I hope Romania and Bulgaria shall receive the same treatment as soon as possible and I encourage the other Member States to follow the example of France."@en1

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