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". Mr President, I respect the clear wish of the President-in-Office of the Council Nicholas Sarkozy to adopt an ambitious attitude towards the EU energy and climate package and to achieve a Convention in that regard during the French Presidency. I hope this says above all that the challenges of climate change are at last at the heart of policy. I would, however, like to remind the President-in-Office of the Council of the seriousness of the task – emissions trading is a very significant market tool and affects so many people that we cannot afford to aspire to the kind of political timetable which goes on at the expense of the environment and sustainable development. Otherwise France may end up with egg on its face, something of which it could not be proud. Last month I held a seminar at which environmental organisations, research bodies and bodies affected by emissions trading were able to express their views on its economic effects. The message I received was clear: the Commission proposal will result in much higher costs without providing comparable environmental benefit. I refer to the worrying McKinsey analysis of the matter. Emissions trading must be improved. The situation is serious. We will not be able to use European industry, which has been dealing with its own affairs well, as a guinea pig again unless the system is operated in a slip-shod fashion. It is better to fail to accomplish than to accomplish failure. I believe that we can deliver a good result in time, but some vital adjustments are required. Carbon emissions will not be prevented by pious hopes and promises, unless they become part of the directive itself. We should remain firm on reducing the obligation but the procedure is very much open to discussion. In Parliament we have presented a broad front to the way the Commission has approached the alternatives under consideration. I would ask that you become acquainted with it, President-in-Office."@en1

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