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"As generally anticipated, one of the priorities of the French Presidency has become the issue of ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon. Unexpectedly for most observers, though, the principal character at the start of the French Presidency is Poland or, to be precise, not so much Poland as the Polish President, Lech Kaczyński. I do not understand the arguments deployed by the President of Poland in declining to sign the ratification documents for the Treaty of Lisbon. The Treaty was ratified by the Sejm and by the Senate. Nothing has happened to delay the appending of the President’s signature. The Treaty has not, for example, been referred to the Constitutional Tribunal. This looks like disrespect for Parliament and violation of an agreement with the Prime Minister, Donald Tusk. I agree with the President-in-Office that this matter is not by nature political, but ethical. Poland negotiated the Treaty, signed it, and under international law is obliged to go through with the ratification process. I also very much hope that the situation regarding ratification of the Treaty will change soon and that attitudes will be significantly better by the end of the French Presidency than they are at present."@en1

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