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". One of the most important tasks of the French Presidency will be coordinating the climate change obligations of the Member States. It is very important that we reduce the emission of greenhouse gases at Union level. This can happen if we take the Kyoto Protocol seriously, and reduce emissions continuously and significantly in comparison with the 1990 base year, in accordance with its provisions. It would certainly be scandalous if the Member States that did not reduce but rather increased their emissions between 1990 and 2005 now received a reward from the European Union and continued to keep the advantage they have that is contradictory to the Kyoto Protocol. It would be even more outrageous if the Member States that take the Kyoto Protocol seriously and reduce their emissions honestly – including Hungary – were punished with more restrictions. I hope that the French Presidency will never accept such mockery of the Kyoto Protocol and negative discrimination against the new Member States, including my homeland."@en1

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