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"President Sarkozy spent roughly a third of his speech defending the Lisbon Treaty and on continuing pressurisation and blackmail of Ireland, forgetting what the very rules of the European Union say on the entry into force of a new Treaty – ratification by all Member States. Well, if a majority of the Irish people rejected it then the Treaty is dead in the water. Ratifications should not continue. Insisting on ratification of the Treaty is an anti-democratic attitude. Another priority is deepening immigration policy, where the return directive, otherwise known as the shameful directive, stands out due to its disregard of fundamental human rights and its treatment of illegal immigrants as criminals and not as people who have fled hunger in their countries, looking for a better future for themselves and their families. The social area was totally overlooked. He is aware of the opposition that exists to the proposal to amend the working time directive and the proposals that the Council approved and sent to the European Parliament, aimed at weakening labour rights, opening the door to a longer average working week of up to 60 or 65 hours, deregulation of employment and lower wages."@en1

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