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"The French Presidency has set the right priorities, for example the climate, immigration and defence, but I should like to focus on one aspect that receives less attention but is nevertheless extremely important for our young people and the whole sports sector in Europe. The French Presidency supports the ‘six-plus-five’ rule in sport: a restriction on the number of foreign players. The objectives are good: obliging clubs to invest more in their own youth training and thus also going some way towards restoring the competitive balance. This Parliament agrees with this one hundred per cent. Hence our support for the ‘home-grown’ rule, which – albeit more modestly – has the same objectives in mind. The question is whether the six-plus-five rule is feasible at European level. It conflicts with the free movement of workers and can only be applied if a derogation is made from the EU Treaty, and we are a long way from this course of action. It is doubtful whether the Court of Justice would ever accept such a thing, even in the light of the new article on sport in the Treaty of Lisbon. We in Parliament want to join in the search for a solution that benefits European football. We are simply calling for a solid solution, one that does not plunge football into chaos. Nobody needs a Bosman Mark 2."@en1

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