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". I believe that France has taken over the European Union Presidency at a crucial moment, when Europe is in search of adequate answers to the numerous challenges of a strategic nature. France has the task of ensuring the continuity of the Lisbon Treaty ratification process, of focusing on the energy field and of consolidating the European Union’s security and defence policy. I express my support for these priorities of the French presidency and I hope their implementation will be a success. As a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Rapporteur on the Black Sea cooperation, I would like to focus on an important aspect to be promoted in the EU foreign policy. I welcome the initiative of France to consolidate the European Neighbourhood Policy, but I insist on the fact that its Eastern dimension should receive the same attention and involvement as the Mediterranean dimension. This objective should apply both to bilateral relations, in the context of negotiations on the EU future contractual relations, and to multilateral relations, within the Black Sea Synergy. Finally, France will take over the EU presidency during the Year of Intercultural Dialogue and it should successfully continue the actions in this field."@en1

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