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"Mr President, it took Ireland 700 years to get the British out of the Republic of Ireland and I have to sit here time and again listening to people we threw out telling us what we should be doing in Ireland. I think it is a little bit too much. Please let a decision in the Republic of Ireland be made by the people of the Republic of Ireland. Secondly, I should like to say to the President of the French Republic: if you want to change the people of Ireland’s opinion, bring Mr Le Pen with you. That will be enough to change the opinion of the people of the Republic of Ireland. I was director of elections for Fine Gael, which is part of the European People’s Party, for four European referendums: the Single European Act, the Maastricht Treaty, the Amsterdam Treaty and the Lisbon Treaty, and I want to say to you that the Lisbon Treaty was lost for a variety of reasons. People did not understand it; the Government has been in power since 1994; politicians are appearing at tribunals of enquiry; the main government and opposition parties – the political establishment – wanted it passed. There were fears concerning defence and conscription, abortion and euthanasia – accompanied by syringes circulated by Members of this House – taxation, jobs, immigration. Much of this was led by the extremes on the right and on the left. I would just say this to the President-in-Office. Please prepare for your visit to Ireland. If it is important that you help change the situation in Ireland, please come prepared and come prepared to listen. You will be very welcome, but it is complex and it will take some time to resolve what is a difficult situation."@en1

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