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"Mr President, I welcome President Sarkozy to the European Parliament. I certainly appreciated his considered and well-argued contribution. As an Irish member I will also welcome him when he visits Ireland as President of the EU, as a President who is taking practical steps to improve the lives of citizens. That was clear from his priorities. I also appreciate his comments on food security and about finding a balance when imposing regulations and restrictions on our own businesses and farmers. As he said himself, protecting without protectionism. I could hear in his presentation and in his voice his commitment to Europe. I and very many Irish people share that commitment. He spoke about overcoming our difficulties. That will take time and a willingness to compromise on all sides. There can be no deadlines. As somebody who canvassed for a ‘yes’ vote, I know he will agree with me when I say that an Irish ‘no’ is just as legitimate as a French, Dutch or Danish ‘no’. It must be given the same respect, then we can move forward. We can make progress. I look forward to that, and I wish him well in his presidency."@en1

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