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"Mr President, I would like to address the President-in-Office of the Council to say: I was looking forward to your speech today with particular interest. Your position today has convinced me that you will make waves during the six months of your Presidency. The whole world is faced with one of the gravest economic crises in recent decades, but Europe is also facing its own crises. It is obvious that today the Europe of 27 cannot operate according to the rules of the Europe of 15. This is the institutional crisis that Europe is going through. It is also obvious that today some Member States do not want political unification for Europe, and do not want our predecessors’ vision to be realised. This is a crisis of identity. The institutional crisis will be solved, but how can the identity crisis be solved? I am afraid there is only one solution: the Member States that want political harmonisation should advance, and the Member States that see Europe only as an economic union should stay behind. Indeed, I am afraid that if we do not go ahead with this solution, Europe will at some point cease to be a player on the international chessboard. Crises can lead to great leaps forward, but only if the necessary courage is there. I believe you have both vision and courage. Be courageous!"@en1

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