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"Three things – as the only speaker from the eastern side of the Berlin Wall. I am disappointed that equal opportunities were left out of the President’s speech. Fortunately, President-in-Office, we women from the seven political parties have accurately described what we want in a letter: Firstly, I welcome the efforts of the French Presidency at European level in the interests of social equality between genders, but at the same time it seems contradictory that the local institutions dealing with equal opportunities are being closed down. Is policy other than what France is applying recommended at European level? Two: the President has informed French citizens that 350 000 childcare places will be created over the next 5 years. This is an important measure, since it provides an equal opportunity for men and women in the labour market and an opportunity for them to combine their working and family lives. Good quality, affordability and accessibility for everyone are essential for this, since it is an instrument for equal opportunities and integration. On the subject of family life, does he feel that women will be capable of combing their working and family activities if they work 65 hours a week? Women are more defenceless in the workplace and are generally not members of professional organisations. Yes, we need a common European immigration policy, but it must discuss the rights and obligations of citizens and immigrants. Migration policy must be supplemented with the integration policy of the reception nationality. Thank you very much."@en1

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