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"Mr President, President-in-Office of the Council, you will have to take the bull of doubt regarding Lisbon by the horns; France already has a great deal of experience in the art of sometimes moving European integration forwards and sometimes moving it backwards. I ask you to find a solution for the Irish, while respecting the will of the overwhelming majority of Europeans, which also counts. I would also like to say that, from a social point of view, in the Lisbon Treaty there is the Charter of Fundamental Rights, there is the European social model. So for example, more than a million signatures have already been collected from disabled Europeans, who represent one in four households and are in favour of the Treaty because it eliminates secular discrimination. You therefore have support behind you to move forward and to integrate the social model. Regarding immigration, you addressed the left, but you will also recognise that left-wing governments have had ideas that have enabled you to prepare a less closed and more progressive package, which I think Parliament can improve further, but we need to work relentlessly on this issue. Also, Mr President – and this is directly connected with immigration – you talked about the CAP, but you did not mention Doha; it is nevertheless important for the united Europe to be able to find a solution and respond to the Millennium Goals, because it is all the same package; it is about exploiting our economic capacity in order to move all of humanity forwards."@en1

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