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"Mr President, President-in-Office of the Council, President of the Commission, I agree with the President-in-Office. This is a difficult moment for Europe. Each of us feels this personally, including me. When I was responsible for the negotiations on my country’s accession to the European Union, I did everything I could to make sure that future European cooperation turned out well. I would also like to emphasise that today, happily, there is no problem with Polish support for the EU and for the Treaty. A considerable majority in the Polish Parliament voted in favour of the Treaty, and almost 80% of Poles are in favour of EU membership. I support the assessment by the President-in-Office. We must act for and on behalf of our citizens. The priority for us politicians is an energy and climate package, but we must do all we can to ensure that its implementation does not hit Europeans with high prices and loss of competitiveness for our economy. This package needs to be adopted pretty quickly, but it would be a bad thing if speed came first and deliberation second. Our package should be the proof of our leadership in the battle against global warming. I agree that we need this, first in Poznań and later in Copenhagen; but this package will not serve as an example to anyone. No-one will follow it if the European economy loses out in its implementation. I am therefore glad that you see these hazards, President-in-Office, and that you believe that the principles of emissions trading – because that is mainly what this is about – will be restructured in good faith. We do have experience. The REACH Regulation was amended significantly in Parliament with the involvement of the Council and the Commission, to the benefit of all. We can go down that same route. President-in-Office, may I congratulate you on taking up the reins in Europe. I wish you success in the two most important matters for the next six months: the Treaty, and the energy and climate package."@en1

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