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"Mr President, I should first of all like to show my appreciation for the fact that France has opened up its labour market to new Member States from 1 July and thus removed one of the last barriers between the old and new Member States. I only hope that Mrs Merkel will follow this example. France, the Czech Republic and Sweden have together prepared an 18-month presidency programme and I am pleased that this prioritises the issue of energy, which is absolutely key, and also the issue of reforming the common agricultural policy, because this relates to the financial framework after 2013 and thus to what money is going to be available to us in the future. I appreciate the fact that France wants to resolve these current issues and problems, because this is what worries and interests people. On institutional matters, I am speaking not as a member of the PPE, but as a member of the DE, so it is probably no surprise that we shall not be in complete agreement here. I believe that we cannot stand before the Lisbon Treaty like a rabbit caught in headlights. It is not the end of the world and we do not wish to create an atmosphere of crisis, so the situation must be resolved calmly, without any political pressure, without any legal tricks and in accordance with our own rules. These rules state that no treaty can enter into force without unanimous agreement and we do not have such agreement at present. I do not believe that it is impossible to expand further without the Lisbon Treaty. I believe that Croatia at least can be accepted into the European Union without the Lisbon Treaty. Similarly I do not believe that we have to make a choice between Nice or Lisbon. We certainly have several options and we must be able to look at them soberly and without hysteria and to resolve the situation. In any case, Mr President, I wish you great success in your leadership of the European Union."@en1

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