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"Mr President, President-in-Office of the Council, President of the Commission, 10 nations produce 60% of the global carbon dioxide emissions. These 10 countries include only one European country – Germany. The 27 EU Member States represent only 14% of global emissions. The United States, 17%; Brazil, Russia, India and China have cumulative emissions that exceed one third of the global carbon dioxide emissions. All of this proves that European initiatives to combat climate change will continue to be in vain without comparable efforts from the Americans, the Chinese and the other industrialised nations. While awaiting such an agreement, Europe must fight against carbon leakage. Currently no large industrial group is making investments in Europe. ArcelorMittal is closing in France but investing in Brazil, Russia, Turkey, India and China. ThyssenKrupp is investing in Brazil; the Austrian Vöest Group is investing in India. In North Africa 10 factories are currently being built to produce floating glass for the European market. In the absence of a specific commitment from the other industrial States, Europe must show its determination to defend its industrial fabric, its industrial know-how. Imposing sacrifices on European citizens will not serve any purpose if the rest of the world does not follow suit."@en1

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