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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I should like to pay an explicit compliment to the President-in-Office of the Council. This is the 29th Presidency of the Council that I have experienced, and I must say without reservation that I have never seen such a convincing presentation of a programme and a European idea as this, and I say that in all honesty. There has been only one other time that a President-in-Office of the Council was received even more warmly, but that was only at the opening. By the end, he had delivered nothing on the agenda. That was the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. We are sure, President Sarkozy, that you will finish your Council Presidency in six months’ time with good results. The way you have explained everything today – the way you have dealt with points put by our Members, the fact that you have familiarised yourself with the dossiers, and that you are not presenting a ‘wish list’ but a series of priorities backed up by good reasoning – all this gives me hope that you are indeed capable of carrying out your ambitious programme. If it is a matter of working with you to bring the climate package to completion, you can count on the support of this Parliament. However, I fear it is more likely that there will be further problems within the Council, problems with the responsibility of the Council and of the individual Member States: that the quotas envisaged will not be accepted there. We also agree with you that nuclear energy needs to be represented in this climate package. Here in this Parliament there is a clear majority in favour of the civil use of nuclear energy. Do not let those T-shirts confuse you. When it comes to Germany and France wanting to take over the leadership of the European Union together in matters of content – not for major declarations of a global political nature – then we are on your side. I must tell you that Mrs Koch-Mehrin was obviously not listening when you explained the reasons behind your position on China. That was a foreign affairs tutorial for this Parliament, and I can only encourage you to remain as consistent and undeviating as you have been in these matters."@en1

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