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"Mr President, may I just address the President-in-Office and say that I am Rasmussen I, not to be confused with Rasmussen II, but I want to assure you of one thing. You talk wisely about the new Lisbon Treaty, and I say to Mr Farage that he has forgotten the Danish case. We voted ‘no’ to Maastricht but we voted ‘yes’ to the Edinburgh agreement and we would never ever dream of saying that because we voted ‘no’ in the first instance we will block the rest of Europe. We would never say that. Mr Farage is wrong: this is not democracy. I want just to assure you, Mr President-in-Office, and assure France, that we found the solution for Denmark and we will find a solution for the Irish people. My second point is this: I have an appeal to you on behalf of the European Social Democratic Party and all my colleagues and leaders and political family. My appeal is that you should add one more priority to your four priorities. My priority – and I hope it will be yours, I know it is yours – is about jobs, is about growth, is about sustainability. You said – and I was so happy to hear you say it – ‘We need better regulation of the financial markets’. I could not agree with you more. We are just working right now in this very Parliament on getting a report through and I hope – and I appeal to my colleagues in the PPE-DE and ALDE Groups – that we can deliver to the French presidency a wise report on better regulation. I am talking about transparency. I am talking about better regulation on fairness, bonuses and stock options and all the rest you talked so wisely about. I am talking about accountability, responsibility, to ensure that the financial market is a long-term patient financing power to our long-term investment needs for more jobs and better jobs. Connected to that is another idea for you. You are right in saying that we are losing growth right now, we are losing jobs right now, especially in the UK, in Spain but also in France. Why do we not take a new initiative for growth, a new coordinated investment action? Imagine the following scenario: if we invest just one per cent more together in education, in structure, in all relevant issues, within the next four years we will get at least 10 million jobs in addition to what we now have. Imagine what we could do together. You said that sport is more than the market economy. I would add: I agree, and that goes for the whole of Europe. Europe is more than the market economy. It is about jobs and people. Let us care about them. I wish the French presidency every success."@en1

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