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"Mr President, right now I would like to ask you about the position of the French Presidency regarding linguistic diversity. Diversity is a founding principle of Europe. All the languages in the world are part of humanity’s heritage, and it is the duty of public institutions to take action to protect them. Mr President, the Council conclusions of 22 May on multilingualism invited the Commission to draw up a detailed framework on this subject, which it has announced that it will do by the autumn. What will the position and actions of the French Presidency be regarding the multilingualism policy? What is the Presidency’s position going to be and what role does it intend to give to the non official EU languages, which are also called ‘regional’ and ‘minority’ languages? Because, Mr President, as we await the vote in the French Senate next week, France is currently a very bad example to all those of us who believe that linguistic diversity is a common heritage of all Europeans."@en1
"(The speaker continued his speech in Basque)"1

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