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"Mr President, here you are invested for six months in the rotating and brief role of President of the European Union. Unlike the majority of the French electorate, you have shown yourself to be zealously pro-European, even going as far as presenting once again, in the barely different form of the Lisbon Treaty, the Constitution which, along with the Dutch, the French people rejected in 2005. Alas, your plans have hit a snag in the form of the will of the Irish people. The Lisbon Treaty is therefore void, despite all the schemes that it would seek to impose on the European people, the will of the ruling euro-globalist camarilla. As a young member of parliament, in 1957 I voted against the Treaty of Rome, the first stage of a process which, according its promoters, Monnet and Coudenhove-Kalergi among others, was to lead to the United States of Europe: this Tower of Babel that can only be built on the ruins of the nations, and first of all of my homeland, France. Since then I have been resolutely opposed to it. We are told that globalisation is bringing about fundamental changes everywhere, that we must submit to. In reality, however, all over the world the nations are gaining strength, supported by fervent patriotism, apart from in just one area – Europe – where nations and homelands are sacrificed, dismantled and demoralised for the benefit of a project that has no strength and no identity, while waves of foreign immigrants gradually invade it and the opening up of our economic borders leaves it open to furious competition from the rest of the world. None of the promises made to the European people in order for them to accept the loss of their independence, their sovereignty, their identity and their culture have been kept: neither growth, nor full employment, nor prosperity, nor security, and the predominant feeling is of anxiety as we stand on the brink of a looming systemic crisis: energy, food and financial crises. In the meantime it is true that the media circus will continue. Yesterday, the European football championship, the tennis at Roland Garros, tomorrow the Olympic Games in Beijing, and today, the miraculous saga of an icon, Ingrid, who laughs, cries, prays and comes and goes on your brotherly arm! In your desire to be the liberator, you got involved in the negotiations with the FARC terrorists, but it was not you or Mr Chavez who freed the Colombian Senator Mrs Betancourt. It was President Uribe who persistently, against the general movement of global progressivism, won a decisive victory over criminal terrorism. You made repeated futile attempts and you even went as far as inviting the repentant communist FARC terrorists to come and receive asylum in France; but to protect them from whom? From President Uribe, the democrat? As you have gone this far, why not the Taliban, Hezbollah or the Tamil Tigers? You are like the amphisbaena that was so dear to Césaire. Have no doubt, Mr President, all your talents in orchestrating the media will not be sufficient to ward off the imminent dangers that you will have to face before the end of the year. Our Europe is a vessel that is going off course, battered by the wind and waves, the only region in the world that has deliberately dismantled its political and moral structures, that has no borders and is gradually being invaded by mass immigration that is only just beginning! Economically ruined by ultraliberalism, socially impoverished, demographically weakened, with no spirit and no defence force, it is doomed at best to be a U.S. protectorate, and at worst to the servitude of dhimmitude. It is high time to abandon the fatal illusion of federalism and build a Europe of the nations, united by more tangible alliances that will undoubtedly be more modest, but more effective. The dual failures of the Constitution and the Treaty should serve as a warning. The people of Europe do not want anything to do with these plans and will not allow them to be imposed on them because they do not want to die."@en1

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