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"Mr President of the Republic of France, in their daily lives the people of Europe unfortunately have to cope with the disastrous effects of the policies of the European authorities in Brussels and Frankfurt. The people of Europe are seeing more and more every day that all of their powers are trickling through their fingers, that their freedoms are being taken away, whether it be purchasing power, an expensive euro, GMOs, tax, fisheries, a lack of trade protection, immigration, or even football, which you yourself mentioned a few moments ago. Everything is trickling through their fingers, and I would say, Mr President of the Republic, President of the European Union, that everything is trickling through your fingers. You say so yourself, you point it out as a criticism. Well it is high time to act and to bring your actions in line with your words. A moment ago you criticised the lack of Community preference, and you are right. However, let me remind you that it was removed by the Marrakesh Agreement, which you approved, and it is not in the Lisbon Treaty, which you drew up. You deplore the irresponsibility of the Central Bank, and you ask for a debate to be started. As for us, we want decisions. Perhaps I can remind you here that this independence of the Central Bank, this irresponsibility that we see at work every day, was organised and formalised by the Maastricht Treaty. You regret having obtained the agreement of Brussels for a drop in oil taxation, but that is simply a consequence of the Treaties of Nice and Amsterdam, which you ratified through the parliamentary route. In short, you complain today and every day about the effects of what you encourage every day, in other words stripping away the powers of the State for the benefit of post-democratic forums, made up of officials, bankers and judges. Your Presidency of the European Union is a historic opportunity to get Europe moving in the right direction again, a Europe rooted in the freedom of nations that respects democracy. This is why we are asking you to honour the vote of the Irish people and to pronounce the Lisbon Treaty dead. It is not the European people who have to reconcile with Brussels, it is Brussels that has to reconcile with the European people!"@en1

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