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"Mr President, Mr President-in-Office, Commissioner, my Group wishes to refer first of all to the resolution on the natural disaster in China and on the situation in Tibet that the European Parliament adopted by a large majority on 22 May of this year. The PPE-DE Group hails the dedicated commitment of the Chinese Government to the reconstruction of the areas hit by the earthquake. At the same time, however, we expect the Chinese Government to ensure that the new houses and other new buildings are built to withstand earth tremors, for we must remember the sad fact that structural defects led to the collapse of many schools and that many pupils lost their lives. We expect this matter to be investigated and those responsible to be called to account. Die PPE-DE Group notes with grave concern that the Chinese Government has not yet taken the opportunity offered by the organisation of the Olympic Games to improve respect for universal human rights in China. On the country, intimidation of Chinese citizens and restrictions on representatives of the media appear to be even more prevalent in the run-up to the Olympics. For this reason we call on the Chinese Government to establish universal civil rights, particularly freedom of the press, in time for the Olympic Games and to continue to guarantee them thereafter. Lastly, the PPE-DE Group calls on the Chinese Government to show goodwill in the current talks with the Dalai Lama and to bring them to a positive conclusion, which should include provision for the cultural autonomy of Tibet. We would deem it unacceptable if the Chinese Government were to use these talks to tide itself over the period of the Olympic Games, only to have them break down afterwards. We expect an outcome that boosts cultural autonomy and human rights in Tibet."@en1

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