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"Madam President, Commissioner, we all agree that we need to improve child protection during flights. The committee certainly agreed on that, otherwise the question would not have arisen in committee. I am also grateful to the Commission for starting on the preliminary work a long time ago. Therefore, we are now joining a debate that the Commission has already prepared. There are three questions that I hope the Commissioner can answer. He said that the technical data will be available in October. The question is: when will the Commission draw conclusions from that data, during this term or later? There are three very clear questions. The first concerns the best technical device for protecting children. The second question, once we have the answer to the first, is whether the European Union should work on a legislative basis or start by issuing recommendations. It is thus a question of whether to introduce binding European legislation. Then there is the question of whether we can manage to do that during this legislative term or whether we should start with recommendations and then move on to legislation. Then there is a third, thorny question, which is not raised in the oral question but that we and you must answer: who is to pay for it? That is a question that needs answering. Let us assume, as Mrs Lichtenberger suggested, that the rules required every small child to occupy a child seat. If that were so, the child would be taking up an adult’s seat, which raises the question: should we force parents to pay for an extra seat for their small children, or should we charge the safety costs to the community, so that all the other passengers who are not accompanied by children have to contribute to the cost of the child seat? We must, therefore, also answer the question – assuming we are willing to equip planes for the safety of children – of who will pay for that safety protection."@en1

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