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"Madam President, Madam President-in-Office of the Council, Commissioner, on behalf of the Group of the European People’s Party and European Democrats I should like to thank the rapporteur, Mr Liese, most sincerely for what has been achieved. There are two aspects to this: firstly there is the well-balanced and successful outcome of the negotiations between Parliament and the Council, but secondly we also have a balanced result as far as the environmental lobby and the interests of the transport industry and commercial sector are concerned, and we can see that this is a very complex set of issues. I am particularly pleased that we have agreed on 2012 as the date for introducing the scheme. This gives us an opportunity to make progress in our negotiations with third countries. I would at this point make an appeal to you, Commissioner: we cannot simply take the position that we are right and everyone else should follow us, for then we shall have other countries taking retaliatory measures against our airlines. This is not on. We should not be sacrificing the airlines, and the European airports too because of the translocation effect, to a one-sided environment policy. I would also call on you to take seriously the task that the Council and Parliament have been set and to act quickly in the negotiations over the next few years. I admit that with America you can leave things until 2010, but with the other countries – such as Russia and China – we need to talk things through so that our non-integrated solution does not endanger our airlines and our airports with their many thousands and millions of employees. I am also pleased that things have been kept in balance, for we are in fact going back to the years 2004 to 2006 as the reference date for the allocation of certificates, but we have been very reasonable in setting the cap at 97% and 95% and by initially allocating 85% of the certificates free of charge, with only 15% to be put to auction. We thereby hope to achieve the intended effect of reducing the environmental burden imposed by the aviation industry. At the same time we shall be able to keep airline costs and passenger charges within reasonable bounds. Given the dramatic increase in the price of jet fuel we have to ensure that we balance the interests of our citizens between the environment on one hand and their transport and mobility needs on the other. For this reason I would once again congratulate the rapporteur on his achievement."@en1

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