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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, today, by voting in favour of the Weber report, we may have taken a crucial step towards drawing up a comprehensive framework of measures against illegal immigration: measures that will respond to the security demands of a huge number of European citizens, many of them victims of crime perpetrated by third-country nationals. I am pleased to note that the European Parliament, guarantor of universal freedom and rights, has at last come out in favour of a common policy to meet the needs of Member States in the fight against illegal immigration. We have made clear that the aim is not just to detect those who are staying illegally, but also to put in place clear, transparent and rapid return procedures. It is not only a matter of clamping down on the phenomenon, for instance with the re-entry ban, but also of providing help for minors. These measures are geared to scrupulous respect for human rights in reception centres. Illegal immigration must be combated above all by seeking agreements with the countries of origin, which cannot stand by and watch the unfolding of a tragedy that is no longer just national but also European, and by sending out a strong signal to those preparing to enter Europe illegally. Our continent is not a land of conquest for anyone and everyone, and there are duties as well as rights to be respected."@en1

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