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"Madam President, since there is life outside the European Parliament I imagine that some of us have the opportunity now and again to go to the cinema at the weekend. I did so on Sunday past and I saw a film that I highly recommend, and I do not have any financial interests in its production or distribution: it is called and it looks at the political, economic, social and cultural problems experienced by a large Mediterranean country, Egypt. At no point in that film, which is almost two and a half hours long, is there any mention of the European Union, of our presence, of the Barcelona Process. Does that mean that the Barcelona Process does not exist, that it has not been successful? No, we must not confuse things. It has not been visible enough, but it has contained elements that have benefited the people and that have today become a point of reference for a different type of external policy based on cooperation and based on equality. The Barcelona Process is the exact opposite of the historical relationship between Europe and the Southern Mediterranean. It is not a neo-colonial process, it is not a process of demands; it is a process of partnership, a process of association, and we must not forget that. This process has not been able to change the major dynamics of the Mediterranean, but how could we expect to change in just over 10 years dynamics that have existed for hundreds of years? Nonetheless, it has succeeded in giving a new direction to some of these dynamics. We therefore need to strengthen it on a political and institutional level, through programmes, through funding. That is the Union for the Mediterranean. The European Commission states this clearly in its communication and this Parliament is thus going to support the communication today and support what the vast majority of European governments want: more Barcelona Process, more Barcelona Process, more Barcelona Process. That is the Union for the Mediterranean: not more structures but the possibility of the people living a better life thanks to cooperation between equals. I want to say that in that case the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly must be the legislative body that lends democratic legitimacy to this process. It is no coincidence that you, Mrs Rothe, a member of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, are chairing this sitting today."@en1
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