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"Mr President, there are, I fear, two problems with the debate this afternoon. The first is the claptrap that we hear from the far right about the Treaty of Lisbon. The second is that there is a certain complacency about all those, including myself, who strongly defend the Common Foreign, Security and Defence Policy. The purpose of a grand European security strategy is not to be admired, but to be followed, and too often the Council and the Member States have failed to follow their excellent strategy. The UK and France have failed to deliver the promises of the St Malo Agreement. Certain others have insisted on a miserly and self-defeating policy that military costs should lie where they fall. What is the point of such a policy when the objective is to spread the burden? The fact is that only 20% of our armed forces can actually fight. Several of the ESDP missions are impoverished. The absence of a European HQ for the ESDP fragments commands and impairs the pooling of resources. The sad problem is that we too often fail to learn from our mistakes, and simply tweaking the security strategy will not make the difference."@en1

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