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"Thank you very much, Madam President. Every decent person was shocked by last week’s natural disaster in the Far East. It is natural that the attention of the world should be centred on these countries. China is very much in the focus of public attention at present: the Olympic Games this summer, the Chinese Premier’s visit to Taiwan, events in Tibet, the Dalai Lama’s tour of Europe and how it was received, the visit to China by the European Commission; all these things have contributed to focusing attention on China. Now is not the time, however, to speak about boycotts or about Tibet. The earthquake, which had a magnitude of 8.0 and left the Sichuan plateau in ruins, caused the deaths of 50 000 people and rendered millions of survivors homeless, not to mention the economic damage caused. This is why I am asking every European Union institution to make sure that we give all the human assistance we can and make humanitarian aid available to those affected by the disaster for as long as it is needed. Let us thank the rescue teams and aid organisations for their help; they worked around the clock to improve the situation of the people living in the region, and let us assure the Chinese people of our unconditional solidarity and sympathy. Thank you very much."@en1

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