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". Madam President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, my group would first of all like to thank the rapporteur, Mr Piecyk. He has been initiating discussions very well for over a year now and has outlined the challenges. Many thanks, Mr Piecyk! We, too, unanimously support the report. However, we regret, Commissioner, that the action plan contains too few practical measures. Mr Piecyk has already pointed out that the entire set of environmental problems remains unresolved. There are no practical measures and it is unclear what contribution the players – ship-owners, for example – are making towards combating climate change and how they can exist in the competition that they have to bear globally. This extends from measures such as the reduction of sulphur and nitrogen oxides at sea to measures in the ports, such as the use of land energy. I am in all honesty a little disappointed. When the Commission says that it will be putting forward proposals on this in the autumn, we shall no longer be able to implement these in this parliamentary term. Perhaps you will be able to add a little more butter to the fish, as the people of Hamburg say, and then have a bit more drive. The second point concerns the issue of marine monitoring. I believe we do not simply need improved cooperation between the national coastguards. We not only need to strengthen FRONTEX – which address illegal immigration – but we also need a European coastguard. This has been one of our concerns for years, that all activities, whether they be fishing activities, customs work or police work, are being centralised in the Member States and a powerful European coastguard is being introduced for this. Mr Commissioner, will the Commission be putting forward a proposal on the coast guard in this parliamentary term or not? One final point, which is new, is the amendments on pirates. We have to provide better protection for our fishing and merchant shipping fleets in international waters and we therefore need European as well as global action. The freedom of the seas should not become the freedom of the pirates."@en1

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