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"The cultural statistics published by Eurostat in 2007 were obtained based on the activities the Member States acknowledge to enter this category. Unfortunately, sport and tourism were excluded and I believe this should be corrected. I appreciate as positive the development of sport tourism over the last years, and the promotion of winter and nautical sports. The existence of sport facilities in hotel complexes or the creation of tourist routes for bikers could have a beneficial impact both on the population’s health and the environment. In great European cities, there are already parking facilities that provide tourists with bicycles, free of charge, during the entire period of stay of the vehicles. On May 1 in Galaţi, the town where I come from, I waited for the people who decided to devote their time to participating in a cross-country race at the finish line. I was glad especially for the children and the disabled people who crossed the finish line. Education is essential in promoting sport. In Romania, the construction of several hundreds of sports halls for schools and high schools began in 2001, both in the urban and in the rural environment. I think this type of investment should continue."@en1

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