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"Mr President, it is great that the EP is discussing the White Paper on Sport. We should pay attention to the need for balancing the policies aimed at the development of professional and amateur sport. Sport excellence costs a lot, but it is equally necessary to increase the funding of mass sport from childhood to retirement age. It is necessary to establish infrastructure enabling the integration of all social groups of citizens. Sport calls for education from an early age and sport is instrumental in eliminating many other problems such as the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. We should urge all Member States to set up areas for free sport and areas free of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. I have recently made a public opinion poll which makes it very clear that young people engaged in sport do not use drugs and alcohol. Their behavioural culture is very different; tolerance and solidarity are very important elements that sport nurtures in them. Therefore the involvement of education in sport is of special significance. There is also something else that I would like to share with you: there exist specialised sport schools and it is very important for their activities to be balanced with the work of sport clubs recruiting their athletes. It is necessary to have legislative regulation to this effect for both sport and education."@en1

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