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". The report on sport by my fellow Member from Greece is an important document on an issue that is close to my heart. Sport has been part of European culture for many thousands of years. Ancient Greece bestowed on humankind among other things the joy of the Olympic Games. Today many people are concerned about whether it will be possible to protect the Olympics from a boycott, and from political passions that may be justified in other respects. I am pleased to say that in Hungary the key forces in politics and public opinion alike are against a boycott of the Beijing Olympics. As far as I can see, the mood is similar throughout the whole of Europe. It is therefore to be hoped that this time, after previous unfortunate boycotts, politics will not spoil the enjoyment of sportsmen and women and the many hundreds of millions of people who love sport. Participation by politicians at the opening ceremony is another matter entirely. This is a matter for politicians to decide in their capacity as politicians, and neither sport nor sportspeople should be drawn into it."@en1

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