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"I would like to emphasize the importance of physical education classes in the EU schools and secondary schools. For the moment, physical education remains the only discipline in the school curriculum that aims at preparing children for a healthy way of life. I appreciate the EU initiative to increase the number of physical education classes in schools. Together with the increase in the number of physical education classes, we should also take into consideration two important issues: I refer to attractiveness and the possibility to have differentiated physical education classes. My statement relies on the discussions I have had with pupils and sports teachers in Romania. Unfortunately, the fact that physical education classes are not attractive leads to an increase in absenteeism. One of the reasons is the absence of an adequate material basis to diversify classes. Another problem is the absence of special physical education classes for overweight or obese young people. Physical education classes have the same degree of intensity both for healthy children and for children with problems. Thus, sometimes, young people are forced to remain off the sports field. These are some of the problems we find in several European Union Member States and for which we have to find solutions. I invite the European Commission to come up with solutions and even with examples of good practice in the Member States."@en1

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